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La Liga


Domestic Competition

The club that finishes at the top of the table after all clubs have played all their matches are crowned La Liga Champions.

A system of promotion and relegation exists between La Liga and LaLiga 2:

  • The bottom three placed La Liga clubs are relegated, and swap places with the top two LaLiga 2 clubs, and the winner of the LaLiga 2 playoff.
La Liga Champion
Relegated to LaLiga 2

European Competition

UEFA coefficients are used to determine the number of clubs that qualify for the three major European Competitions: Champions League, Europa League and the Europa Conference League.

Spain ranks second for the 2021-22 season, granting them four sides in the Champions League, two sides in the Europa League, and one side in the Europa Conference League.

  • Champions League (Group stage)
    • Position 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Europa League (Group stage)
    • Position 5
    • Copa del Rey winner* The Copa del Rey winner, Real Betis, has already qualified for Europe. Therefore, the Europa League spot will go to the 6th position Bundesliga team instead.
  • Europa Conference League
    • Position 6* The 6th position team has taken the Copa del Rey winners spot in Europa League, meaning the Europa Conference League spot is given to the 7th position team instead.

Clinched Champions League
Still alive for Champions League
Clinched Europa League
Still alive for Europa League
Clinched Europa Conference League
Still alive for Europa Conference League
Eliminated from Europe

If clubs have played each other twice

  1. Head-to-head points
  2. Head-to-head goal differential
  3. Total goal differential

If clubs have not yet played each other twice

  1. Total goal differential
  2. Goals scored
  3. Fair play scales are used

Tiebreaking prodecures from

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